Johnny Ritter



His racing and life with photos and printed material


By Tom Avenengo


Part Two


Due to the size of this article, Ive had to break it down into five parts.


Some of the 1940s and his Outboards.


Photo from 1946 taken at Hinchliffe Stadium notice the number all wrinkles. I seem to remember it as a paper grocery bag, taped to the tail.




Johnny, at speed, in his Outboard





Johnny with some close friends. Hes right behind the number the short one. His shirt was yellow & blue.




Johnny, getting his outboard moved, with a little assistance!





Same car as the # 163? Im not sure! Front bumper looks the same. Stands are full, though, at Hinchliffe! RF looks bigger than RR, doesnt it?






Johnny drove other Outboard powered midgets in the mid to late 40s, one of which is this # 2, below, with Charlie Miller in the seat.




On occasion, Johnny would also get in the Eddie Allen # 18 Outboard, pictured here with Charlie Breslin in the seat.