Back to Loudon again
with photos

By Tom Avenengo
Page 2

Staying where Ray Boissoneau keeps his cars, here is a photo of the restored Buck Wheeler # 62 Offy Midget.
Still staying at Ray's place. My daughter, Judy, works part time for Dave Morehouse - he of Dave's Racing Collectibles - A friend of Daves was also at Loudon and at Ray's BBQ. He took this photo of Judy and me, on the left, and legendary race driver Carl VanHorn, on the right, as we did some "Bench racing".
Yes, "Back in the Day" race cars, such as this restored midget, were quite dangerous to drive with no roll bar or roll cage. Many did not survive.
Yes, there were some Sprint Cars at Loudon, too. Here's a real neat restored # 42.
Here's another restored Sprint Car - # 55. I beleive all the restored sprinters were Chevrolet powerd. / next page